Projection Mapping in Pakistan | Historic day


5th of May 2017 has been marked as historic day for the industry of projection mapping technology in Pakistan. 3Di – (Three D Eye) feels pride in the witnessing the growth of the projection mapping industry in Pakistan. Journey started almost decade ago seems to be gaining the public attention.

Pioneer & Industry leader in 3d projection mapping, 3Di executed three events in one day. The evening of 5th of May 2017 was illuminated in the provincial capitals of Pakistan by the experts at 3Di (A video mapping company).

SHAHI QILA Projection

Case of building projection at samsung galaxy s8 launch

Pioneer & Industry leader in 3d projection mapping in Pakistan teamed up with Right Angle Entertainment & Ignite for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 in Lahore at Shahi Qila شاہی قلعہ. The historic forte was mapped and projected to reveal the new mobile phone sensation, Samsung Galaxy S8. The task of mapping one of the largest building structure in Pakistan, Shahi Qila شاہی قلعہ brought challenges along as team at 3Di was already engaged at the launch of Asia’s 3rd largest mall, LUCKYONE in Karachi, Pakistan. Samsung galaxy S8 decided 5th of May 2017 for Samsung’s flagship mobile phone. The job accepted and executed at it’s best along with 2 other tasks on the same date. Projection mapping show at Shahi Qila شاہی قلعہ set the new benchmark in the industry of projection mapping in Pakistan. Team at 3Di is proud of setting up a history on one the most historic icon Shahi Qila شاہی قلعہ in Pakistan.

Case of projection mapping at lucky one mall launch

Lucky One Mall, Karachi did set new standards in the industry of real estate. Lucky One Mall the rightly claimant of being the Asia’s 3rd Largest mall brought team at 3Di on board at it’s launching event. Lucky One Mall launch event took place on 5th of May 2017 which is same as Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone launch in Lahore. 5th of may 2017 turned out to be a very happening day in Pakistan. Lahore, the Punjab’s capital city enjoyed the stunning building projection mapping show at Shahi Qila while people in Karachi, the capital city of Sindh got mesmerized by the 3d projection mapped show at LUCKY ONE MALL launch event.

case of projection mapping at digital youth summit kpk

Peshawar, the capital city of KPK took team at 3Di on board to be the part of Digital Youth Summit kpk 2017, DYSk17. Digital Youth Summit kpk 2017 became the third projection mapped event venue on the date of 5th of may 2017. Digital youth summit kpk is an event based on the promotion of technology in the region. The program is supported by world bank.

3 projection mapped events 5th may 2017

Pioneers, technology gurus and industry leader since 2010 in projection mapping marked the day as historic one in their  business. Team at 3Di is grateful for the appreciation received by the audience at LUCKY ONE MALL, SAMSUNG GALAXY Launch, Digital Youth Summit kpk 2017 and PAKISTAN.