Digital Food | Ramazan 2017 | Projection Mapped Table

Ramadan 2017

Ramadan 2017 began in the evening of Friday, 26 May.

Team at 3Di extends the greetings of Ramazan to all. Pioneer and Industry leader in 3D Projection mapping company has released a video in which the digital table has been revealed. The concept of the video is that people refrain from their desires. In the 3D Projection Mapped video of the table, the guest gets to see everything but can’t eat. So is the case with human desires. The month of Ramazan preaches people to refrain from desires and practice patience. No matter how the attractive things around you are, you must gain control over yourself to stay on the right path.

This 3D Projection Mapped video has featured the most difficult element during the fasting which is food. During fasting, food is the element which must be refrained along with many other elements but hunger has to be survived through patience. Team at 3Di continues to perform its cultural, social, religious and professional obligations.

Timings and Schedule of Ramadan Calendar 2017 have been published on various websites. Despite of the fact that the timing of Seher and timings of Iftar across the world are different due to the change in time zone but you can find the schedule of Ramazan’s Sehr-o-Iftar easily on internet for your local region.

As always, the holy month of Ramazan has begun with its norms. Muslims across the world have started fasting.  As the most important pillar of Islam, Muslims follow the practice of fasting to gain the blessings of Almighty. Apart from online schedule of Seher-o-iftar in Ramazan, local tv channels also keep people updated. Special transmissions spreading the knowledge about the blessings of Ramazan get on air.

Month of Ramazan does not only teach us to practice religious activities but also dictates us to maintain our day to day life activities with more honestly and ethically. Month of Ramadan is about scheduling our lives in a way to practice religion and our worldly obligations in a better manner than any other time. Muslims across the globe perform day to day activities along with prayers and fasting in a desire to gain the happiness of the creator.