70th Independence Day Celebrations

Unity Faith Discipline | Lets Pledge Campaign

Pakistan is eying at marking another benchmark in the notes of history. 70th Independence Day is being looked by the nation as the major milestone. Preparations of the 70th Independence Day celebrations have begun already. Every member of the nation is charged up to celebrate this year’s 14th August as the day to pledge their commitment towards the solidarity of Pakistan.

People from all walks of life are equally active as the organizations and forums from private and public sector. 70th Jashan e Azaadi or independence day is going to bring million pleasant surprises.


“Let’s Pledge” campaign is an effort in the same course. Karachi based company EMC has teamed up with TMF & 3Di – 3D illumination to initiate the campaign of “Lets Pledge” towards the mother land as patriotic Pakistani. This campaign is to remember the guideline given by the father of the nation “ Unity, Faith, Discipline”.

Pakistanis as one nation must come together to pledge their unity while having a blind faith with discipline. World must get to know good and pure intentions of Pakistanis towards peace and harmony. 70th Independence Day celebrations are being carefully designed to depict the untold facts about Pakistan.


We as nation need to understand the meaning of UNITY. We can only achieve our goals by being united. Alone, we are none and together we are nation. Pakistan’s Independence Day brings us all together. Whatever the language or religion, we are united as Pakistanis. Our FAITH in supreme creator is the core pillar of the teachings of the Father of the Nation. Pakistan as a nation can pull it off by being disciplined.

Let’s Pledge to follow UNITY FAITH DISCIPLINE once again and tell the world that we are among the best.