Independence Day Celebrations | Mazar e Quaid | A Gift to the Nation

Independence Day Celebrations

Team at 3Di feels proud to be the initiator of the most creative celebrations at 70th Independence Day of Pakistan. 14th August 2017 will mark the 70 years of independence of Pakistan. Team at 3Di has produced remarkable activities during last two years for Independence Day celebrations. In 2015, team at 3Di did a unique 3D Projection Mapped car designed to compliment the celebrations of the independence. To enjoy the car projection mapping, click VIDEO. Year 2016 was the projection mapped residency of Ziarat. To watch 14th August 2016 independence day celebration, click VIDEO

Mazar E Quaid

This year, same team is planning to do a show at Mazar e Quide. Mazar e Quaid event is the most special one for the team at 3Di since it is a dream coming true.

Team at 3Di will be honored to have you at the event being designed for paying a tribute to the father of the Nation along with keeping the element of sending a positive image of Pakistan to the world at the 70th Independence Day celebrations of Pakistan.

Why Projection Mapping

Gadgets such as on which I am typing this letter or the cellular phone on your table is nothing like what it was fifteen years ago, the mode of expression has transformed as well. From sketches to black & white portraits to the world of selfies, we must understand the significance of the mediums which will create impact.

As a learner in the field of business and student at academia, the journey of achieving dreams has been very interesting. The dream of doing something for Pakistan in our own capacity has been the top most in the wish list. Real life visions cannot be achieved alone. Right people in route join us to lead us to make us stand proud at the day of dream coming true. We learned that people are like dreams in sleep. Sometimes we see what we do not wish to and sometimes it is better than what we expect.  The determined pursuit is the only way to find the right people. In our case, its team at 3Di and TMF.


The story of dream has become the part of this note because of the type of an event you are being invited. It took us no less than 10 years to get to Mazar-e-Quaid, the place where Jinnah rests in peace. Everything comes with its time and for us, there could be no day better than 70th Independence Day to be at Mazar-e-Quaid to pay tribute in the best possible way we could imagine. Recalling the words of Jinnah, UNITY FAITH DISCIPLINE with the latest of the technology to send a message to the world that, we stand strong as nation as we do not forget our forefathers.

The element to be taught to our future generations is to move on with true self, purity and with no complex. We must prove the fact to them that if their dream is worth it, they must follow it till the time they achieve it. Journey of an individual and social development will continue as long as humans will live on earth. The best possible way to make this journey better is to support others to make them achieve their dreams and seeking others support in making your dreams come true. We must learn to be united and disciplined with faith that we will achieve dreams.

Lets Pledge Campaign

At 70th Independence Day celebrations, a nationwide campaign has been initiated as well. The campaign was designed to send a message of “UNITY FAITH DISCIPLINE”. In nation wide campaign, Pakistanis from all walks of life and from all age groups participated. In campaign, titled “LETS PLEDGE” Pakistanis shared their pictures with a written quote of Muhammad Ali Jinnah on play cards and posted on facebook campaign page.

We seek your support in terms of appreciation.
Long Live Pakistan